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If you have not registered an ESID (your Energy Service Delivery Point ID) and would like to download your company's IDR data (Interval Data Recorder), click the "Register New ESID" button below.



What is an ESID?
An ESID is a seventeen digit number (your Energy Service Delivery Point ID) that identifies the point from which your IDR meter (Interval Data Recorder) measures your electrical power usage.

Where do I find my ESID?
You may obtain the ESID(s) from your electric bill or from your account representative. It is possible for some large consumers of electrical power to have more than one ESID. You may register any or all ESIDs that have IDR meters that your company uses.

Do I have to have an IDR meter on this ESID?
Yes. You must have an IDR meter on this ESID if you want to download IDR data.

How do I know if I have an IDR meter on this ESID?
An IDR (Interval Data Recorder) meter measures electrical usage every 15 minutes. An IDR recorder is typically installed on large industrial customers (e.g.., refineries, manufacturing, large commercial load ). Please look at your electric bill; if there is a line item for "Billing Demand" that is greater than 700 kW, then you definitely have an IDR meter on the account. Some large commercial and industrial customers may have an IDR meter, yet not be above 700 kW.

How do I find my data?
Once you receive your approval email 24 hours has passed, log in and find the data by clicking On the X icon to download.

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For questions about the TCIDR web site, please contact the AEP Texas Solutions Center at 1-877-373-4858.
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